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Title: What the Head Said
Artist: Marie Laveau feat. Madame Lalaurie
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Mun: Forsaken Angel (i watch too much spn for this shit.)

Muse: Vengeful God. (well then.)

Mun; Lucid Promise. {Well then..}

Muse; Noble Dawn. {I actually kind of like that xD}

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It is a weird triangle because as much as Madison and Zoe clash, there is a sense of sisterhood between them because they’re in this coven. I think Zoe and Kyle love each other and Madison wants to be picked. I don’t think she loves him, I think she just wants to win. It’s interesting how the whole thing unfolds.

—Emma Roberts on the love triangle  (via witchoftherisingsun)

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What we need is a guard dog. One who’ll attack on command.

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Anonymous said: m!a - terminal cancer for a day


      What do you mean it’s terminal, Doctor?

                   ”I’m sorry, Miss. Benson. Even with a strong dosage of chemo.. Your chances of survival aren’t looking possible.”

         The little widow’s knees buckle under her; she fell into a heap on the floor.

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Haunted. !AU! {frakendick}

                  She’d found his mother first; lying on the pale beige carpet, face caved in; unrecognizable. Crimson droplets covered the bedroom walls; a dark pool of blood forming around the woman on the floor. 


         Zoe had ran around for several hours; cleaning products in hand   Mainly bleach. The little witch had almost googled what was best to remove blood. But had there been an investigation into Mrs. Spencer’s murder; they’d blame the girl.

                 It was daylight before she’d finally gotten rid of every trace of blood; including the older female’s body. The blonde had almost vomited. A strange noise had her racing back to the bathroom.

                                       No    Kyle Stop!


          He’d been banging his head against the white bathtub; poor thing. Thoughts of putting him out of his misery entered her head, golden orbs burning into confused charcoal as the girl knelt down to his level.

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AMERICAN HORROR STORY AU: Tate Langdon possesses Kyle Spencer’s body.

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Simple Jennifer Lawrence wallpapers.

Requested by Anonymous. 

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[obnoxious rap music plays]

This is seriously my fave gif of them ever

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        The little infant bounces in lean arms slightly. Her cries echo through the small apartment. The whites of the male’s chocolate hues have a redness to them due from lack of sleep. Dark circles are formed under his eyes. He’ll try not to get annoyed with his daughter but she’s been up for hours! When was she just going to give up and fall asleep?

                 ❝ Come on, Grace. Go to sleep for daddy. I know you’re tired, princess. ❞

But Kyle’s pleas were pointless. The baby wouldn’t stop. Did she really need anything? Of course not. Her diaper was changed. Grace had been feed. Oh no. This was just to keep two tired parents awake throughout the night.

                                                                   ❝ Jesus Christ! ❞


         A loud groan of frustration slips through his lips as the blonde slowly dragged himself into the bedroom. Midnight pools locked on his girlfriend’s gaze. They held desperation deep inside of them as he bounced his daughter in his arms.

                                ❝ Zoe, you’re going to have to take her. I can’t do this right now.❞

     The screaming; crying    It never seemed to end.

               Oh why did the little widow have to get pregnant?

                      Don’t take that the wrong way. She loves her little Grace; but being a teenage mom was so fucking hard. Balancing school life and motherhood. Not to mention the fact that her gorgeous little girl could end up inheriting some twisted supernatural power. 

        Golden orbs flickered up to the bedroom door as the bright haired boy’s words filled the air; brows furrowed at what he had to say; rosy lips parting.

                         Whatta mean you can’t do this right now, Kyle?

                 Slim digits plucked the infant from her lover’s arms. Pressing a soft kiss to the warm skin of her daughter’s forehead; the little girl immediately shut up. The witch would be lying if she said the action didn’t make her feel a little special. 

                                           Guess she’s just missed her ol’ witchy momma.

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